Live Your Own Way

There may come a time when parents or siblings can no longer provide care for loved ones. Family members look for someone who will walk alongside them on life's journey.

Quest, Inc. provides families with just such a trusted partner. All of Quest’s residential options in the Orlando and Tampa areas provide services appropriate to the needs and abilities of residents through:

• Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)
• Group homes
• Behavioral Group Homes
• Transitional living
• Supported living

Residents have the option to participate in fun activities that promote lifelong education, maintain a healthy lifestyle and allow them to assume personal and community responsibility. A personal development plan is prepared for every individual who is in the residential program. Those plans identify each person’s unique abilities, goals and interests.

We work in tandem with residents, their families and medical providers to coordinate needed health services. A nurse visits residents on-site and monitors their health, and all staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR.

For more information contact us at 407.218.4300 or via email.

Quest Serves Individuals

Meet James

James is one of more than 200 people in Orlando and Tampa who benefit from residential living services at Quest, Inc. Residents form relationships, gain independence and acquire new skills.

Moving away from home for the first time can be rough. So when James moved into a group home with Quest, his mother had concerns. James, an outgoing individual eager to be out on his own, quickly adapted to his new home and four housemates. Early on, he discovered the need to learn essential household duties.

At his group home, James learned how to prepare meals, keep the house clean, pay bills and more. He began to budget for his expenses and save money.

That money helped him take the next step. Having mastered lessons of independent living, James moved out on his own. With the help of a supported living coach, he’s now king of his own apartment.

  • What Team Members Say

    “Working at Quest and at an Intermediate Care Facility is a great experience. Every morning when I wake up, I can’t wait to work that afternoon to see each of the client’s faces. Some clients greet me with a big smile and others smile with their eyes. Every day I work here is an honor."

    MELISSA Direct Support Professional / Quest, Inc.
  • What Parents Say

    “My daughter loves it. She loves the staff because they take good care of all of the campers that go there. She starts preparing to go back to camp the day I pick her up! I feel very comfortable; she’s safe and I’m satisfied.”

    MARY Parent / Quest's Camp Thunderbird
  • What Team Members Say

    “The work environment at Quest is one that is unparalleled. Fellow employees are always willing to help and inspiration is constantly provided by leadership.”

    MICHELLE Marketing and Communications Coordinator / Quest, Inc.